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Parent/Student Resources
2/21/18 4:45 PM
2/21/18 4:45 PM
2/21/18 4:45 PM
2/21/18 4:45 PM
2/21/18 4:45 PM

parent-Teacher Conference

To ensure the highest quality of education for our Tweedy students, it is necessary to attend the Parent-teacher conferences! They are an essential step in building the bridge between home and school.  Parents remember that conferences are a time fconference
or both teachers and
parents to share information about our students and set up the best educational goal possible. Please communicate with your child's teacher and set up an appointment.


Para asegurar que nuestros estudiantes reciban la más alta calidad de educación en la Escuela Tweedy, es necesario asistir a las conferencias de padres y maestros! Las conferencias nos ayudan a fortalecer la relación entre el hogar y la escuela. Padres recuerden que las conferencias son un tiempo para que los maestros y padres compartan información acerca de nuestros estudiantes y establecer el mejor objetivo educativo posible. Por favor comuníquese con el maestro o maestra y programen una cita.



Consejos para Padres: Conferencias entre Padres y Maestros

School Survey


Thank you Parents, Students and Staff for completing the survey!



Parent News

welcome to tweedy

At Tweedy we provide a well-balanced and rigorous instructional program to create an atmosphere which values education, develops a respect for learning, encourages the pursuit of high education, and empowers all students to become productive, well rounded, and participating members of our diverse society. We can only do this by including "Parents as Partners."



September 25, 2018 at 8:30 am

in the MPR

Kids are welcome, bring a friend (get an extra raffle ticket), Free coffee, appetizers and drinks 

Aguilas en Lectura

You are invited to join our book club

Wednesdays, at 8:30

in the Parent Center

Book: Charlotte's Web

Academic Calendar 2018-2019

 Monthly View


School-year View

Understanding Test Results




-To help students succeed int he classroom.

*Room Parent

-To carry out a variety of duties.

*Breakfast in the Classroom

-To ensure and assist in the safety of our children.

*PTA Activities

-Strengthen relationships between the home and school.

*Directing Traffic
Who Can Become a Volunteer? *Taking Work Home

* Parents       *Community Members    *Retired Individuals

*Working in the Parent Center
* High School & College Students              And many other ways...

Volunteer Application Process

  1. Visit:
  2. Choose: LAUSD Parent/Guardian (Grandparents-choose community member)
  3. Click: Register
  4. Fill out fields and click Register
  5. Check your email and open the link sent by LAUSD
  6. Create an LAUSD account
  7. Log in, fill out, and submit application
  8. Print and turn in application to school office with current TB test clearance

We will process your application and you will receive a notification and a Volunteer Badge