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National Association for Gifted Children



2016 GATE/SAS Parent Meetings

There are Districtwide and local school opportunities for parents of gifted learners to attend informational meetings and workshops. The following two meeting types are held Districtwide in each Local District during winter/spring:

  1. GATE/SAS Parent Workshops: Topics vary and may include a general Gifted/Talented Programs overview, characteristics of gifted learners, differentiated instruction, and supporting the academic and social-emotional needs of gifted learners. Click here to view the 2016 GATE Parent Meeting presentation in English. / Haga clic aquí para ver la presentación Reunión de Padres GATE 2016 en español.

  2. OLSAT-8 Overview for Parents of Second Grade Students: These informational sessions provide parents of current second graders with an overview of the purpose and procedures associated with Districtwide OLSAT-8 administration to second grade students, for potential identification as gifted in the High Achievement category.
    Click here to view the 2016 OLSAT Parent presentation in English/

    Haga clic aquí para mirar la presentación de la junta sobre cómo preparar al estudiante del segundo grado para ser identificado como dotado mediante el examen OLSAT-8.

OLSAT Powepoint- 2nd Grade Test


Identifying Second Grade Students as Gifted in the High Achievement Category

 Presentación del examen OLSAT-8:  Identificando a estudiantes del segundo grado como dotados en la categoría de Aprovechamiento Superior 

Click here to  view presentation in English


Haga clic aquí para mirar la presentación de la junta sobre cómo preparar al estudiante del segundo grado para ser identificado como dotado mediante el examen OLSAT-8.




Para Español:  Haga clic aquí

Welcome to a very large family of parents, students, teachers and administrators whose overall goal is to ensure that students who demonstrate outstanding ability or potential are helped to make the most of their unique talents and capabilities.

Parent Newsletter


Parent Newsletters

Para Español:  Haga clic aquí 

The quarterly GATE/SAS Parent Newsletter focuses on information relevant to parents of gifted/talented learners.  Topics vary and may include information about gifted identification, strategies for differentiated instruction, characteristics of gifted learners, and upcoming parent events or student opportunities.    

Fall 2015-2016
The Parent Newsletter
focuses on the gifted magnet application, getting to know the school's GATE Coordinator and information about Advanced Learning Options (ALO).

Click here for the Fall newsletter in English Haga clic aquí para el boletín en español




 Winter 2015-2016
This issue of the newsletter includes SAS site selection criteria, 2016 GATE parent meeting information, Conservatory of Fine Arts updates and information about how to help gifted children succeed. 
Click here for the Winter newsletter in English. El boletín incluye criterios de selección de las escuelas SAS, información de la reunión de padres GATE , Conservatorio de Bellas Artes actualizaciones e información sobre cómo ayudar a los niños superdotados tienen éxito. Haga clic aquí para obtener la versión del boletín en español.


Spring 2015-2016
This issue includes SAS application and enrollment information, a review of the 2016 GATE/SAS Parent Conference, Conservatory of Fine Arts updates and upcoming GATE deadlines.
Click here for Spring newsletter in English
El boletín incluye información de la aplicación para las escuelas SAS, la 2016 conferencia de padres GATE, Conservatorio de Bellas Artes, y fechas importantes.
Summer 2015-2016
This issue includes ideas for summer family activities, "10 Common Myths about Gifted Education,” and highlights from the 2016 Conservatory of Fine Arts Showcase.
Click here for the Summer GATE Parent Newsletter in English.  
Este boletín incluye ideas para actividades familares en el verano, "10 mitos comunes sobre la educación para los dotados," y información del show del Conservatorio de las Bellas Artes. 

How to Prepare your Child for Gifted Testing

Before the Test:

Once you have signed the Parent Consent for Assessment and Placement, commit to the following strategies:

  • Ensure that your child is completing all homework assignments.

  • Help your child to develop good study habits, thinking skills, and a positive attitude towards learning.

  • Ensure that your child has good attendance at school.

  • Stay in communication with your child’s teacher.

  • Encourage your child to read as much as possible.

  • Look for educational games and programs that engage your child.

  • Help your child learn how to follow directions carefully.

  • Help your child to embrace failure and encourage a “growth mindset.”

  • Speak to your child as often as possible.

  • Be aware that there is no specific preparation for an intelligence test.  Pre-exposure to similar test items may invalidate the test results.

Test Day:

Schools will notify parents in advance of the expected test day.  Prepare your child as follows:

  • Make sure your child is prepared

    • Inform your child of the upcoming test.

    • Assure your child that you are aware of the test and approve of their taking the test – tell them they will be called out of the regular classroom.

  • Remain positive

    • Staying calm will help your child stay calm. Discuss relaxation techniques that can be used if needed.

  • Make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep and eats a healthy breakfast

    • If your child is not well on the morning of the test, please keep your child home.  Tests can be rescheduled for illness BUT reassessment requests are not valid because of an illness.

After the Test:

  • Test scores will help determine your child’s program eligibility and scheduling needs and help guide the teacher in implementing instruction in the classroom.

  • Talk to your child’s teacher/counselor regarding appropriate programs and courses.

  • Discuss test results generally with your child.  Assure your child that all results are positive.