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At Tweedy Elementary School, we believe that all students can learn.  Our goal is for our student's to be college and career ready.  We provide a full and engaging curriculum in a nurturing environment.

Note from our principal

Dear Tweedy Families, 

It is an honor to introduce myself as the principal of Tweedy Elementary School.   I came here with a strong commitment to serve the students of this community in reaching their goal of attending college and becoming a successful adult in our society.   I migrated to the southeast where I received a great public education.  As an educator, my heart is in this community to ensure that our students have the same opportunities that have benefited my family and me. 

I feel fortunate to lead a school that believes in collaboration to maximize student learning.  It is my intention to carry on the work that has already begun to make Tweedy one of the highest performing schools in Southeast Los Angeles. I believe that for us to accomplish our vision, we must build relations and work together as a team.Our competent staff is passionate and committed to educating our children. My goal is to visit at least 25 families over the summer to learn about your unique challenges and expectations.  These conversations will be the beginning toward forming a partnership to increase student achievement.

At Tweedy Elementary School, we will have an “open door” policy to encourage families and community to dialogue, collaborate as we face the challenges before us.   We look forward to your involvement in the improvement of the school and the decision making process.  Together we can create a community of learners and prepare our students for the 21st Century.


Tweedy Elementary School is situated in its new facilities on the east side of South Gate Park on Pinehurst Ave.

At Tweedy Elementary School, we believe that all students can learn. Our goal is for our students to be college and career ready. We provide a full and engaging curriculum in a nurturing environment.

The teachers at Tweedy Elementary School collaboratively prepare rigorous lessons in grade level Professional Learning Communities. They are focused in providing for the learning of each individual student, that all may succeed.

Tweedy Elementary School is a community-based school that encourages parent involvement and participation. It offers a full range of workshops, informative meetings, councils, and volunteer opportunities. We appreciate that the parents in our school community send us their most precious possession, their children.

We welcome you to come visit our school and classrooms by appointment.